First Brief.

Today we were given information on our first brief. We were only told a snippet of information before Monday. Jools told us that we would be given a choice between three pieces of music by a client and that we would need to create a visual of some kind to accompany it. This visual will need to work well with the music so it all depends on the music. I have an idea of what I would like to create but again, have no idea if I would be able to use it as I don’t know what the choices of music will be.

I wanted to do any research I could, even though I don’t know which direction my project will be going in yet so I had a look to see if I could find any information on visuals being used with music.

This video wasn’t really what I was looking for but I did learn a technique which was manipulating the visual edit to coincide with the audio. So in this video, Chris Meyer(2013) talks about copying and pasting a clip and moving it forward along the timeline. In this case it happened to be the light turning on clip being moved forward to the same time as the radio starting. This is a simple techniques to remind the viewer that the music and visual are motivating each other.

I will remember this when creating my project so when I put it in post production, I can make sure key parts in the music will be driven by keys parts in the visual.

Julian Treasure (2009), tells us that sound needs to be congruent to the message you are trying to give, in this case the visual I create will need to go in the same direction as music I chose. This will increase impact.

I also found a book on the NTU One Search which I would like to take out as I feel it will help towards understanding music videos and how they can be constructed.

Sound and vision [electronic resource] : the music video reader is the book I would like to look into.

Meyer. C, 2013, Timing Visual Effects to Music [online]. US:Lynda.Available at: [Assessed 06/10/2016].
Treasure.J, 2009,The four ways sound affect us[online]. NY:TED. Available at: [Accessed 06/10/2016].

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