Wicket guide exercise progress

So after we decided our tasks, we went home and started on them. I was responsible for creating the layout and design of what the e magazine would look like.

Will was responsible for gathering the information and deciding what specific points to add.

Andrew’s role was to create the logo design.

My progress so far.


So there are three focus points and the e magazine will be three pages, shown as an edition (edition 4) Wicket.

First page(layer3)


Page 2(Layer 2, view of the ball) If this was an animation, This could also work as if the camera was moving backwards. The wickets could then become blurry in the animation, making the ball the focus point.


The ball is in front of the wickets.

Page 3(third layer, the player)


So this page shows all three subjects, all in the same position but as if the camera has moved backwards to reveal them all. The cricket player will be seen as large as he is the one in front of both the ball and the wickets. The idea was that they are their each layer.

My progress with creating it digitally.


I am using Illustrator so I can have a clean vector image. I want this type of look as it is simple but attractive to the eye.


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