Wicket Guide exercise

Today we were put into groups and asked to create a wicket Guide for people who don’t know anything about cricket. The aim of this exercise was to employ the SCAMPER research style into creating this guide.

I don’t know anything about cricket but the other members of my team had some knowledge of this. Our task was to explain what a wicket was both metaphorically and physically. We agreed that I would be the one to proof read the information we chose to give.

I will be the best person to judge if the information is given in a way that is easy to understand for people who have no knowledge of cricket as I also have limited knowledge.

We looked at an existing guide.


So our research technique allows us to change the way we create the guide, making it into something different and potentially something better or more innovative.

S-we substituted this for something that would be used as a e magazine that subscribers would sign up to. We thought up a name which would be Stumped. This guide that we found is just found on the Gruyere District website.

C- We will combine this with an app that will be put on the smartphone, so subscribers will be able to use it when they are out and about. We called this Stumped Pocket App.

A- We will make it visually appealing and eye catching and that will adapt to todays market. People are always on the go so it is important to catch their eye and give them a reason to look at your product.

M-We are spreading the guide over three pages to give the viewer the chance to move from page to page, instead of cramming all of the information on one page like the guide above.

P-We would put this to another use as said above by putting it on an app for a smart phone.

E- we will take away the small text and replace it with something eye catching to read.

R-We still need to think about how we would reverse a subject on this guide.

We also thought globally, so the pocket app and the e magazine would need to be put into other languages so that we could reach out to a larger audience.

Gruyere District Cricket Club Inc, 2010. Batting guide(online). Available at: http://www.gruyerecricket.com/downloads/2-batting-guide/ [accessed 13/10/2016].


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