Research for brief 1

So after hearing the possible tracks we can use, I am stuck between two. I have looked at other student short films and advertisements to try and get an idea of what I would like to do. I have also done this so I can see how they allow the music to drive the visual. The music in this brief has to take centre stage and the visuals have to work with it.


This advertisment is the best I have found, it tells a story without speech. The music takes centre stage and the visual really goes hand in hand with it. What caught my attention was when the young girl cartwheels over the beam, the shot cut to her grown up with the crowd cheering. This happens in one cartwheel. the music livens up when the shot cuts. This is a great example of where the music drives the story.

From the video below on 08.41 to 08.45 into the video you see it cut to different people using the phone but it is as if they are turning slightly as they do it. I love this shot because the music enhances it dramatically and it is perfectly place together to create something the warms the heart.


The music makes the visual uplifting and I hope to achieve this in my video.


My first idea is to create a visual using a number of people. I want to create a story just like the video first video in this post.


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