Feedback for my concept and research: Project1

So after doing a presentation about my idea, I was given feedback. After hearing and picking the track, I chose an idea which was to get between 15-22 people to look directly into the screen with their hands over their faces. They would eventually move their hands and start to smile and then laugh. This would represent that they are trying to hide their true self. When they remove their hands and start to laugh, that would represent them realising that they don’t need to hide anymore.

The way I will shoot and edit it, will be that the camera will cut to and from person fairly quickly working with the music. This is why I picked 22 people originally. I listened to the music and pictured what the shots would look how I wanted them. I counted as I listened to the music the amount of shots I would need which took me to 22. I added a range of 15-22 after that in case that I wasn’t able to get that many people, it would still work with 15 people. This just meant they would get longer on screen. This was my contingency plan.


When showing my prototype in my presentation, about what the shots would look like in my video, I was told that it wasn’t really the kind of prototype that was expected. They were mostly just visual mock ups. I think a short video was expected so that their was a clearer picture on location etc. As for the location I want to shoot my 15-22 people all in different places. I want to emphasise that we are all different. I feel shooting in a different location each time will be a subtle hint of the message I am trying to give.

As this project is an individual one, I am required to do everything. This includes filming which I am not a fan of. I think its mainly my lack of knowledge on cameras. this puts me off as I am not that confident using them. At the moment I have to deal with it and get to grips with it. Getting more in depth with cameras is something I could do after the project or when I have some spare time.

There were other aspects that I forgot to mention in my presentation.

  • How my project will fit into the larger scope of my career aspects?

The project I am doing, is a story in a way, a message and a medium that will make people question it. This is what I am trying to achieve in this project. I will be editing the footage also and changing the cinematography of the shots to give it that greyish look which I feel works with the music. The more I listen to it, the more I sense this  grey or metallic sort of feeling.  By editing this footage, I am gaining experience in the field I want to work in. It will give me the practice which will improve my skills which in turn will make me more beneficial to the industry. I understand how important to it is to always have my career aspirations in every project I do. That is the whole point of them so that I can work towards my goal.




One thought on “Feedback for my concept and research: Project1

  1. there is no requirement for YOU to film, you could get someone to film it on your behalf with you directing, the requirement is that all material is original to the project. You also need to reconsider the central message- will the uncovering of eyes really mean that the audience will understand that this means that person now knows they don’t need to hide? They seem to be playing peek-a-boo which is about the other person hiding not the one who covered his/her eyes. Have you tested this central message yet?


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