Presentation good feedback in detail

So the points I did make in the presentation and that were considered as well thought about was my design mythologies.

I used SCAMPER and Reverse thinking.

´The decision book.’ (Martin., 2015)

SCAMPER- alter my idea. I used Adapt, Modify, Eliminate.

First idea: lots for people being cut between, gradually smiling.

Second: Change people to items?

Third: Have one person but clothes changing?

Forth: back to lots of people but hands on their eyes and mouth and then smiling .


´How can I make my visual work and fit into the audio?

´Reverse Thinking– Now think the opposite.

How can I make the visual work ineffectively with the audio?

´Have slow moving shots alongside fast paced music.

´Have an old style visual alongside a fairly contemporary audio.

´Have a visual that completely represents a different message to the audio

´Have a visual that is shorter than the music itself.

The reverse think points above are all the points I should avoid when working on my project. I like this way of thinking as it is an inventive way to come up with concepts.



´Martin., 2015.18 Best Idea Generation Techniques[online]. Available at:[Accessed 20/10/2016].


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