Project 1 feedback continued.

Another important factor I forgot to mention was my target audience. I didn’t at first, think that it mattered but after Jools explained it, it made sense. If you have your target audience, your more likely be able to design it in a way that will speak to the audience. A difference in design can change the look and feel of a project. So its your target audience that determines the design.

So who is my target audience?


‘95% of people with eating disorders are between the ages of 12 and 25.’ (NAANAD, 2016).

Although there are a number of reasons to why people develop eating disorders. Physiological factors, society and social media are a few examples. How people should look are shown everywhere, social media included.

‘Teens are famous for their self-consciousness and suspicion that everyone is watching them.’ (Live Science, 2013)

I believe that from the information I have found, that younger people are more likely to be body and image conscious. My message is about showing your true self. Young people are more likely to worry about their own image than people above 27.

Having this target audience will now help me to think of the way I will design my video. My concept is still the same but knowing the target audience will help me chose who I should have in my video.

How did the design work with the Target audience?

My video style, I would like to keep quite modern, with quick cuts and a slightly messy feel. I want to keep it like that to suit my target audience.

How will I test my project?

I will test my project through surveys. As I go on to edit and put together my shots for the video, I will upload what I have and ask friends or family to what they think to it. I will be going in more detail and asking them what message they are getting from watching it. I will ask them how it made them feel and whether it was effective.

Key words, how does it influence the product?

As for the keywords, Jools said he didn’t know how ‘modern’ fits in. The music I felt sounded really modern. There was parts where it sounded really similar to Dubstep, that is a style that is fairly modern. Compared to the other two tracks which sounded medieval/gaming, this third one sounded modern. The key words influenced my project as I will be creating a modern style video. Inner conflict- people in my video will be trying to hide there true selves as they feel society will judge them.


Live Science, 2013,Why Self-Consciousness Peaks in Teenage Years. Available at: [Accessed 28th/10/2016].


National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders.2016,. Eating Disorders Statistics.(online). Available at: 28/10/16].


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