Research for Assignment1

Jools said that I shared my sources and the ones I will use but I wasn’t very specific. In year 3 I need to have a better idea of what sources I was thinking about using at the start of the project and have been using throughout my project.

  1. Youtube

(VinAy KrishNan, 2014)


I really enjoy using this, for my project I have synthesised many video’s from this source. It has helped so much with the technical side of putting together my video. The reason why I enjoy using it is because the usability works really well. It is set up in courses with introduction videos on what will be talked about in the course. It is a good way to shift through many hours of hunting for tutorials. It is in a way an alternative to skim reading and finding the research you need.

One video I used from there helped me to correct the lighting in my video. Some shots were quite dark due to the poor lighting. I know now that I should have booked some lighting equipment. I tried to sort out the lighting in post which I feel I have done. These is still more I need to learn about colour correction. (Lynda, 2016).  I have improved my project by using the RGB correcter and the fast colour correcter. I changed the values of the gamma, gain and pedestal to lighten up my shots.


My shots as I experimented with the lighting.


So my shots have become more interesting and it is nice to actually be able to see people.



Lynda, 2016. Premiere Pro: Color Correction and Enhancement(online)Available at: [Accessed 03/11/2016].

VinAy KrishNan, 2014. Best Advertisement ever-Winner of Best Ad 2014(youtube). Available at: [Accessed 24/10/2016].



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