Throughout my projects, I should always be testing my work. It can become frustrating, especially if you think your idea is a good one. After filming my footage and editing the shots together, I had the structure I wanted. I tested this out by asking people to watch my video and fill out a survey on Monkeysurvey.

Although it was tempting to tell go into detail about what the message of my video was and tell them what I wanted to achieve i.e. that I needed the audio to be the driving force of the video, I knew that it wouldn’t help in anyway. I let them watch it and answer the questions without me going into detail to start with. This allowed for honest answers. If I was to get my ideal answers, this wouldn’t allow for my project to improve. If I was to get the answers that I didn’t want, this would allow for my way of thinking to improve. If I am unable to improve my project in time, at least this would set me in the right direction for my next project and I will test my project earlier.

So I showed my video to friends and family. I already know about the obvious lighting issues and I will be changing them. I was more interested to see if people understood the concept.

Jools mentioned on a couple of occasions that the idea of people using their hands to cover their faces could be improved. Originally I thought this was a good idea but when he mentioned it, I agreed and tried to think of other ways. I had all ready filmed some of my footage so I thought I could keep the hands on face idea but add to it. I thought about using people’s hoods, scarfs, hats ect so that it wouldn’t look like ‘peek a boo.’

I also thought about using masks, but had seen this idea in another video talking about identity so didn’t want to be too similar.

I wanted viewers to realise the two point points of the video.  People start to remove their hands(representing the reveal of their true self), and that they start to laugh(representation for them being happy for showing this).

I constantly had one of the key words from the track I chose, drilled in my mind.


I wanted to keep my video the same. I feel that I have an edgy and modern feel to the footage. The track has a resemblance to Dubstep which I can’t think of any other word to describe this but edgy.

Not only is it contemporary footage and audio but self consciousness and social image is a contemporary issue amongst young people. This is why my target audience is 15-17 and that is why I felt so strongly about this subject being pieced with this audio.

The answers I got from the survey were mixed but generally most people understood the concept.


I was happy with the result as I managed to create a message that most people could understand.

One answer was’Physically the people shown hide their faces, yet there’s no sense of them emotionally hiding their personalities or characters.’

The idea of my video was to make people think, I wanted it to be a ‘representation’ of the message. I didn’t want to spell it out to the viewer, I wanted them to be thinking about it afterwards.

This new season of Black Mirror was something that inspired me. I enjoy how it represents the world we live in. It doesn’t spell it out. I wanted to take this aspect and use it for my visual.

‘it resonates with our own present-day social media experience.’

(John Robinson, 2016)

The series delves into what our world is like or could be like by representation.

One of my questions in the survey for my video, asked whether they thought the video was driven by the visual or audio. I had mixed responses with the majority thinking it was driven by both. This isn’t what I was trying to achieve. I thought the part where the audio kicks in and becomes more energetic, the visuals(where they start to laugh) followed it nicely. I am a bit unsure at how to change this as I still think that the audio is the driving force.



The changes my respondents said they would make were on  lighting issues, having a wider range of people etc. I think I should have made my questions more specific to how they would make the audio be the driving force. This would help me to get the answers I need to improve my video.

One answer that I thought was a really good idea was ‘add some laughter at the end.’ I forgot to add this into my video but I really wish I had. This would have added more character and personality to the video.

Even though people weren’t too sure in whether the visual or the audio were the driving force, they did think that both worked well together. They liked how the shots jumped quickly and in time with the music. They also liked the message given and felt that it matched the type of audio well.


Robinson.J, 2016, Charlie Brooker: ‘The more horrible an idea, the funnier I find it’ Available at: https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2016/oct/14/charlie-brooker-black-mirror-tinder-pokemon-go. [Accessed 03/11/2016].


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