Digital design and development

In my project I experimented with the post production. I already knew how I wanted the video structured.

‘with a shot of someone hiding their face and then another shot of someone and then someone else etc. Cut to someone else removing their hands and then someone else and so on. Cut to another person smiling and then laughing and then back to the first person laughing and then so on.’

  1. I played around with shots for instance. I put Christine at the start of my video originally
  2. but then realised that I preferred her towards the end of the video. I really liked her take and felt that I would like the viewer to have that shot as the one they remember. I felt putting this at the end of the video would achieve this.
  1. I also started off with making each shot cut quickly with the repetitive beat of the track.
  2. I changed this and didn’t make it as regular. Sometimes I skipped a few beats first before cutting to the next shot. This would make my video less predictable. I didn’t want the video to be boring, I wanted the viewer to be fully engaged.

At the beginning I wanted to make the cinematography have a metallic look or a greyish one but then decided that it didn’t need it. I felt it already had a contemporary feel so I kept it without a tint.

With the tint and an effect called ‘Leave color’ which saturates all color apart for a chosen colour. I like this effect but felt that it wasn’t appropriate for this video.

I tried the same with other shots.



I decided not to use these effects.


It was important that I try different effects and tints so that I can see what works well. During this development I should have tested these shots and created a survey so that I could get other opinions on what works well. This would give my visual more value.


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