Filming and editing my footage

When filming, I had hoped to get between 15-22 people I had felt that this range would be a good amount to make my video what I had pictured. I was able to get 17 people due to minor setbacks with people unable to attend filming etc. I am really happy with this number as I don’t feel it had hindered my video. It still is a nice amount as it still works really well with my structure of the video.

In post, I started out just sorting out and structuring my video and doing a rough edit. When I was happy with the structure I made sure that the cuts went in time with the music.

The part where people started to laugh, I wanted that to start when the music became more energetic. This part of the track would signify when people start to be themselves. It is the trigger. which is what I talked about in my previous posts. It is the spark for when the viewer realises the message the video gives.



I also added some flashing effects to go with the contemporary and edgy feel to the video. I wanted the message, effect and audio to have the same theme.



I also added a Gaussian blur effect so it could be more visually appealing.



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