Final piece and reflection

Over all with my responses from SurveyMonkey(showed in previous post) and the final look of my piece and the changes I made after, I am happy with it. I feel that it tells the message really well and it has personality and a warm feel to it. I think I have done a good job in matching the audio and visual together. I feel it works in the story sense and physically.

I feel in this project I have learned a lot. I have learned how to approach a project first which isn’t what I demonstrated at the start but I feel I pulled it back and finally applied this.

I used SCAMPER, Reverse thinking and used behavioural design to approach and think how I can tackle my project.

Reverse thinking, as I mentioned in my presentation.

´Have slow moving shots alongside fast paced music.

´Have an old style visual alongside a fairly contemporary audio.

´Have a visual that completely represents a different message to the audio

´Have a visual that is shorter than the music itself.

I feel these are the points I have made sure I have avoided. My visual is the opposite to these points so that has made my confident towards my project meeting the brief.

Thinking about what the trigger would be in my visual was easy. I knew that it would be people realising that they can be themselves and not only them but the viewer realising that, that is what is happening in the video.

In the SCAMPER technique, I applied some of the points but not all.

Having a target audience made it easier as that helped me to realise how I should present my visual. I wanted it to be be fast paced and have effects that would attract this audience.

I thought testing my video was a great idea, I just wish that I had done this earlier in the project as it would have given me more time to make the necessary changes that I wasn’t able to make. I could have had people doing a wider range of actions. Instead of having most people covering their face with their hands, they could have been using different objects covering their face.

I have enjoyed working on this project as I have had to think in depth about how my message could be displayed and different ways that I could match the video and audio.



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