Reflection continued

With my project I did have other ideas as mentioned in earlier posts but I did stick to original idea. I loved the idea of having a number of people. I should have tried or tested these ideas first instead of going straight into the project. I have learned that the is a lot of testing that is needed and this should happen not just at the start of the project but throughout.

I didn’t use all of the sources I said I wanted to use in my presentation but I just found that I stuck mainly to Lynda. I focused mainly on researching on the technical side as I needed help with after effects and premiere. I enjoy using these programs as I am confident with them but with every project, comes a new challenge that requires me to search for an answer. Lynda was amazing and I could find pretty much everything I needed. I will be using that again with my next project. Premiere is good as it is easy to navigate and put clips together. I also find that it is fairly easy to render and export videos.


I have become familiar with it now. I use the H.264 format as I don’t run into problems with it. I put the Bit-rate at around 30 so it is fairly good quality but isn’t too big a file.



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