UI Design

So with this visual, it takes the form of a video. This could be uploaded to Youtube and several other platforms that can be view widely by the target audience. This can also be viewed on a smartphone or shown on the television. There are various ways to view this piece.

As for usability, you youtube link can be sent amongst other platforms, such as Facebook, twitter etc and it leads straight to the video. It is easy to access and easy to watch again.

‘YouTube has become the most successful Internet website providing a new generation of short video sharing service since its establishment.’

(XU, CHENG 2016)

This video as it stands is driven by the audio and the message of ‘Don’t hide your true self.’ can be understood by all nationalities(as long as I change the catchphrase at the end to suit different languages). I feel that it could work all over the world which adds value to a larger scale. This could provide an inspirational message to people around the world.


XU, CHENG, 2016.
Statistics and Social Network of YouTube Videos, Google Scholor(online). Available at:
http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/4539688/authors [Accessed 07/11/2016].



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