PDP Report

So thinking about the design of my Portfolio, I need to eventually think about how I can attract a global market. This will widen my audience. How can I do this. First point to think about is accessibility, are people from outside the UK able to see my portfolio?

Yes they can as the internet is a platform that can be viewed from just about anywhere in the world with internet access.

Can people view my portfolio on their phones when out and about. Yes they can but is the design or usability to a high standard. No Not at the moment. I tried out my design from WIX in a mobile view. This is something that would usually slip my mind but now that I am in 3rd year, it should come second nature.

So my website view is on the way but still needs a lot of work. My mobile is isn’t what it should be. It hasn’t included my videos for some reason. If anyone was to look at my portfolio through their mobile, they would be put off. This is something that will be sorted out. I want to change the font and style of the menu boxes.

The second part is, will my content relate to people from out of the UK too? Yes, with some of the work I have edited and the work I would like to do, this includes work that is driven by audio and that tells a string message without dialog that can be understood by many.



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