What would I like in the video edit?

over 65 year old.

Showing easy to implement household solutions to help with mobility.(This should all ready show how these items benefit them.

Showing smiling faces to empathise the relief of the help being given.

Possibly include our websites and leaflets being used in the video.

Provide a call to action so having a phone number and email on the video.

Provide a voice over and subtitles for the visually and hearing impaired.

When I looked at the ‘Help yourself campaign’ page on the Nottinghamshire County Council website, I found it confusing.


The links followed onto videos stating the purpose of the site and how to search for information. I think that is a good idea to provide this information but not by having videos of someone just standing there talking about it. It seems pointless. There is nothing else in these video, no example web pages being scrolled though or examples of links being clicked on. I feel they could have just had written information or an audio track.

From the prototypes that our team have created, the website looks professional. The links are clear and have clearly written information.


The colour coding has been thought about carefully. We wanted to stick to the original colour themes of the Nottinghamshire County Council website but add something new. We wanted to maintain that trust between people and the organisation. Through the website or any material we create, we want to make sure the brand stays strong and by keeping the theme, look and style the same, we keep that trust. Colour wise, we wanted to keep the green in the work we create as green is associated with Honesty and trust. I feel this is important as we want our audience to trust and accept the help that is being offered and I feel trust should have been one of our key words now.

Millard.K, 2016.THE MEANING OF COLOURS IN DESIGN(online).Available at:[Accessed 16/11/2016].



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