Today I worked on the ‘Call to Action which is what I didn’t do in my last project. The point of a call to action is to direct or invite the viewer to view more information. This could be a website or contact number that will allow them to contact or find more information on a service or product. I used After Effects to put this together so that I can add this to the video product.

My first attempt.

I wanted to stick to the green and white theme as the feedback from our presentation was that blue, green and white colours needed to be revised. So I stuck to green and white. I also wanted the information to be large enough and clear to understand. It should look professional and have the slightly formal but familiar feel that the Nottinghamshire County Council brand has.

In this attempt I didn’t like the tree popping up. I felt it didn’t work so tried it with the tree growing upwards.

I then decided to keep it simple and have the tree appear. I changed the background  and applied a gradient to add depth. I also added changes in colour when the line moves to form the logo.


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