Testing Indent

So after thinking it would be difficult to get a group of people over the age of 65, I asked a family member whether they had friends over the age of 65 which they did. I know it isn’t the best as it would be nice to get an equal amount of females and males. I don’t know the genders, all I know is that they are the right age group but it is better than asking my friends who are between 20-30. I wasn’t able to get a huge response either but for when we get our rough edits done for the whole video(s) we will get a focus group together and that will hopefully get a larger response.

I made my survey and these were the responses. I was looking for the look and feel of the motion graphics. I wanted to find out whether it was easy enough to read and the right amount of information was on there. I also wanted to find out whether it followed the theme of the Nottinghamshire County Council brand.

I asked if there should be added information on the Indent.



The was a comment on what to include in the graphic. This was to add a web address which I should have put on there to start with. I feel this is a fair comment and have already changed this and added a web address. Viewers need to know where they can obtain more information.


I had a good response on whether the look of the Indent followed the theme of the Nottinghamshire County Council. The comments said that the colour and the professional look of the website followed onto the Video Indent. There was a link to the website so that they were able to compare.



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