So my five sources that I will and have been using are Speed grade which is attached to Premiere Pro. This will help me to make my shots consistent and remain neutral. This is a basic skill to learn when working in the the industry.

LearnAdobeCC, 2016.SpeedGrade 1of5 Intro(online).Available at: 23/11/2016].

I will use this to gain a better understanding with the use of colour in my shots. I have downloaded DaVinci so that I am able to produce high quality work from using video editing with colour correction.

DaVinci Resolve 12 Essential Training, 2016. Using scopes: Analyzing color and saturation(Lynda). Available at: 23/11/2016].

This has helped me find out more information on the tasks an editor needs to do.

‘Throughout the filming, the film editor will examine tapes for editing purposes, looking for errors, segments that run long or parts that do not match the story or go with the storyline.’ (Sokanu 2016 )

Being an Editor isn’t all about producing something wonderful. There are nitty gritty jobs that need to be done first and they aren’t always glamorous. I need to first go through the footage my team has filmed and choose the shots that I will use first before trying to put them together.

Sokanu 2016. What does a Film and Video Editor do? (online). Available at: [Accessed 23/11/2016].

I have been trying to understand how to manage my time as it is important to do this when working in the industry. If I can learn this now, I will be one step further into becoming a valuable asset. When working on an edit, I can sometimes work  7 hours straight without a rest. I feel that this might be because I can sometimes leave tasks to the last minute but if I start earlier, I can take regular breaks which could improve the way in which I work. My quality of work would be better.

CreatorUp!, 2015. Time Management for Video Editors(online). Available at: 23/11/2016].

24/11/2016: I will first look at the footage and put all the shots I decide to use in a folder. Assembly edit. I will decide the structure of my shots and start to put them together.

25/11/2016 Rough cut. I will put my audio in. In this case the voice over and will add the indent at the end.

25/11/2016: I will have my edit close to completion and will be tested amongst my group. We will test it by having a survey completed from our target audience.

27/11/216-28/11/2016: I will take on board the changes that need to be made and make them.  This will then become my final cut.

I will have this as a check list.

HARRINGTON.R, 2016. Video Planning Overview(online). Available at:[accessed 23/11/2016].





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