Video development

So I started to edit the footage I was given. I was slightly daunted with the amount of footage but I edited three rough cuts. I first looked at the footage and decided on the shots I wanted to use. Mainly these were the mid shots. If i needed to, I could add in other angles after.


I then synced up the footage with the audience which was easy with the clapper board.


I then structured the videos to what I felt was appropriate. I did check the scripts that was sent to us but felt that it wasn’t really helping me. I did listen to the audio first and from what I wanted to use, I had to find the footage. This took a while so naming them helped.


Once I had done this, I tidied the videos up and added the indent to the end of the video. I then added subtitles. We wanted to do this encase our target audience happened to have  hearing impairments.


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