This project has flown by. I feel that this project was jumped straight into without having a complete understanding of it. For my next project, I want to have at least five research methods. I also want to decide my target audience straight away and work from that. I want my project to be molded to the target audience. That way I will be able to work out a trigger that will draw that target audience in.

In this project two, the keys words were thought about but I didn’t feel that we had them drilled in throughout the project. It was almost forgotten about. I know that they are important as they are another way that steers our design work.

I liked our concept and felt that the video footage we had was suitable. The video showed over 65 year old actors demonstrating the equipment that was used for the top tips. If we hadd lets say someone who was 30, then, it might not have the same effect. Our target audience might not be able to relate as much.

However, when putting together the footage, it was slightly all over the place. I would have preferred to have a few cameras rolling at the same time from different angles all using the same audio. This wasn’t the case and these are the problems I ran into.

  1. I wanted to show close ups. There were close up shots but with different audio. This meant when I added these close ups, I had to sync up a different audio for it. I didn’t mind doing this but I wanted the visuals to flow smoothly. Sometimes I wanted to use a close up with the actor in mid sentence but the close up shot showed the actor when he wasn’t talking. This meant I couldn’t use the shot. I was lucky in a few shots where he happened to be moving in the close up shot to the same direction as the mid shot. This meant I could link these shots well in a smooth continuous flow.
  2. Some audio tracks weren’t the best. With the ‘Perching stool’ video, in every track, there were cases of where the actor either got tongue tied or had long pauses. I first tried to cut it to another audio track from where it was left off but obviously, adding the visual along with it meant that it didn’t collaborate well from the previous visual. This didn’t work so I tried to cut the audio in between long pauses and I also tried the morph effect from one visual to the next.

This meant that I was limited to the shots I could use. It worked well but I would have liked more of a choice on which shots to use.

I wont have a chance to actually test my work with the client. This would have allowed me to truly understand whether the content works or is what the client wants.

I did enjoy this project but would have enjoyed it more if I had slightly longer on it and was able to edit every video.


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