Project 3

Today we talked about our next brief. Rob Ricketts came to talk to us about what he wanted for this brief. This group project involves us coming up with a concept and creating a video for C-TEX. C-TEX develop technology products that help and benefit their clientele. The product that we are focusing on is the C-TEX colour roll batcher. This is a colour monitor that gives real time data and eliminates miss match colour on garments. This way it spots the mistake whilst it happens which means it can be stopped and corrected. This is better for their consumers as before this product, consumers wouldn’t find out about colour mistakes until after the garment is graded and by then its too late to change it. This machine allows the manufacter and consumers to save time and money and allows for quality in the garments.

In our group, I am in the motion graphics team which I am happy about. In my previous projects I have taken on the editor role but found that I enjoyed working with graphics. I would like to delve deeper with that.

The video will have a structure.

  • Show the problem
  • Show the solution
  • How to use the product
  • Benefits  for the consumers.

The company have been working for three years and want to stand out from their competitors. The want their brand and image to be clean, sleek and simple. They also want to show that they are fun and not following along the corporate side. In our video, we need to show that they are professional but we dont want to bore the consumers with too much technical language. We want them to watch the video and be able to understand it clearly. Ideally there will be no text or talking so that it can be understood globally.

Ideas for a concept that we came up with in the motion graphics team.

We could have illustrations that will move showing how the machine works. The software side of the product allows for people to control it so that could be illustrated which would work better than filming it. The logo can also animate onto the screen at the end of the video.


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