Research on concept ideas

Concept one: Talking heads.

With my role working on motion graphics, the talking heads idea involves me with the use of subtitles. My team would need to decide on which languages we would use and how the subtitles will be displayed on the video. i.e. will it animate on screen, size font etc.

It is really just a small part of this video I was looking at which was how his name was presented on screen. It flips onto the screen and then quickly disappears again. It is a common use of motion especially when it comes to stating who is speaking in the interview. simple but effective. He is talking about technology and the motion depicts that quite nicely. We will need to take into consideration the subject in which we are presenting, which will help us when it comes to what font and size of text to use. For example, we are focusing on technology so our text and movement of it needs to reflect the subject by having a stylish and simple text. Having Times New Roman slowly  sliding onto screen won’t follow the theme. With Talking heads, it makes it difficult to communicate on a global scale due to language and text needed for this concept.


Concept 2: Dinosaur theme

This concept is about how C-TEX have adopted a more modern approach, most textile companies aren’t using computers and are using out of date practices. we want o show how C-TEX are using this modern approach and how this allows for more effective work.

I really like this type of motion graphics and could work really well with this concept. The product we are trying to promote is referring to colour so having the paint splatters make sense. The old and brush stroke style of this video could represent the outdated practices of other companies and it could slowly turn into more of a clean cut and modern feel throughout the video to represent the C-TEX standards showing how they take a modern approach. This is something Will and myself could work on if we were to follow this concept. This concept would be illustrated based which means we wouldn’t need to film.  This doesn’t offer the more fun style and veers away from the corporate feel which is what the client didn’t want.

Concept 3: Family feel.

It is a tightly knit group of people who work together and have a good relationship. We want to emphasise this in the video in the hope that textile companies, agents and retailers will want to have C-TEX as their first choice. If we can win consumers round, it will give a good reputation. This is the concept that we are leaning towards as it follows what the client wants more.

This example could be something that we could adopt. It shows both video footage and 3D motion graphics. It shows a working environment with people working together. We could integrate the C-TEX company enjoying each others company and working as a team. I feel this is an effective example.

Concept 4: Production process

Showing the outcomes of consumers buying C-TEX products. Showing a happier place of work, good connections of using their product, the quality and the relationships the they could have with customers. The concept is showing what happens outside of the factories.

Idea of video structure: Quite a fast paced video with quick cut away shots. Starts off with a young lad wearing a t shirt that has colour mis-matching and it shows he is unhappy. Then the video continues but in reverse. He goes backwards in time going to the shop and buying and collecting his pre packed t shirt. Then a cut away shot of the retailers buying the garments from the agents. Then the agents buying from the textile manufactures. It then goes to them making the garments and colour grading them. It stops and then starts to go forward in time. and shows the C-TEX company selling and installing the colour monitor in the production lines of the textile companies. They use the machine(showing them happy) and then it follows the same process of before. So they sell the garments to the agents who sell to the retailers and the same boy buys his t shirt and then wears it. This time his shirt is perfect and had no colour mis match and it shows that he is happy.

This concept even though good, isn’t exactly what the client wants. They want to show how the software and the product works. It could however have this inserted somewhere within the video concept.

This example is fast paced with shots that are quick. This could be something we could do, keeping it modern and energetic. Having the video in reverse would work well with the fast paced style. As for the graphics side, work from Will and myself would only be needed at the end of the video showing the logo and other information moving onto the screen. This concept is video footage based.

Concept 5: instructional, all text.

This example, would be ideal for this concept. It could explain the process of how the machine works, it could also show the software and hardware with instructions on how to use it. The animation of the text is a fun and friendly style. It is speedy and lively and it is eye catching. Creating something eye catching is a good way to explain something technical that would been seen as boring.

The disadvantages is that getting other nationalities to understand the text would be hard as we would need to translate the text into several languages and it isn’t a practical way to reach out to the market globally.



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