Chris Dickens

Films: Slum Dog Millionaire, Shaun of the Dead, Les Mis.

He is a British Film and TV Editor.

He got his early editing break by cutting comedies and later moved on to dramas. In terms of his editing style, he likes to use the cut in and cut away which is showing a transition from one distance to another. He uses this to create tension. The long take shot which is shown in ‘Shaun of the Dead.’ demonstrates a continues shot usually when dialog takes place. This can create a sense of uncertainty or comedy.

The Power of Sound and Editing (The Conversation and Psycho)

George Tomasini

He was an American Film Editor. He worked as a sound,  music and assistant picture Editor. He likes to show and assemble his shots to create a mood and veer the viewer to feel the emotions that he wants. For example showing a shot of stuffed birds will make the viewer feel uncomfortable so it sets the scene. This way he can steer the story and therefor steer the mood of it.

Films: Psycho, The Birds and Vertigo.

One of the most iconic scene in Psycho was worked on by this editor. He was able to understand Hitchcock’s vision.

In this interview with Hitchcock, he explains how the film Psycho was cut. The viewer doesn’t actually see the woman being stabbed or being naked but with the assembly of the shots, the editor has created an impressionistic scene. The viewer assumes that she has been stabbed with the shots that were chosen and put together. Seeing a shot of her from the shoulder up with no top and the fact she is in the show suggests she is naked. Seeing someone behind the curtain raising the knife in one shot and then the next shot being a close up of the woman screaming suggests that the woman is being stabbed. Watching this video has explained how important an editors role is.

From this video, I have learned depending on how the shots are edited, it can make a character seem either friendly or immoral even if using the same shots.

Peter Honess

Peter Honess.JPG

Born in 1945.

He is a British film editor and is known for his work on Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Certain techniques he has used.

Inter-cutting. Moving from one shot of a person walking to a next shot of someone else walking in a different location. This tells the viewer that they characters will meet up.

Understands the story and creative vision.

In Fast and  the Furious, he understands how it is a fast paced film with lots of action. He uses quick shots cutting with speed to reflect the subject.

In terms of how this has informed me. It is important that as an editor, you need to have team working skills. Learning to understand that you will be putting together the directors vision, not your own. Even though some directors do challenge and try to sway or voice other routes.

Having certain styles or knowing when to use them is another key aspect an editor needs to have. I would like to be able to be able to know how to do this.





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