Project 3-narrowing ideas

After talking to Deborah we worked out what route that we should lean towards. The family concept will be changed to friendly as family can mean different things to different people. Friendly is much more narrowed down and it is that, that we want to show in the video.

At first I wanted to show a small part of the machine and move the narrative out of the factory and into peoples home to emphasis the family feel. I then remembered that our target audience aren’t people, customers etc but directors and people that work in the textile industry as well as agents. This means they aren’t interested in the family feel, they know that they have their market but what they really need is to know that they have a reliable source to buy colour monitor products from. So we will keep it in the factories and make the best of what we have. Keeping the story in the factory doesn’t really inspire me but that is the challenge, how can we make a video showing the insides of a factory less boring? By having quick cuts, not focusing on just one element for a long time. Showing both people and machinery. Incorporating some motion graphics and 3D in there. Keeping the video a minute or less.

The story board of what we have come up with all ready.


So the problem: showing a garment with mismatched colour.

The solution: the machine and the software.

How to use: showing the use of the machine and its software. Motion graphics and 3D can be used for the software.

The benefits: Showing good production and how it is effective and good quality of work life. Showing the friendly concept.

For the software, I will need to draw up some sketches of what it will look like on screen.




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