Research EVS company


To understand what a company wants, it is a good idea to try and look at every avenue as any small detail could help in the creative side of a project. In the meeting with Rob, he told us his competitor. EVS are the competitor and I found this video on their website.

I can see that the company are selling a product similar that achieves the same work. They explain how the product works by visuals and no audio. The sell a number of products that colour monitor and works on density etc. The video just like C-tex’s video is slightly boring and does need a revamp.

As a team we are hoping to create an informative video that is more entertaining. We too want to show how the product works without audio but our shots will be quicker and more visually pleasing.

EVS have a very technical feel to the website and we want to steer away from that and show a friendly and reliable service to the C-tex company. In our video we will need to show this by emphasising laughter, communication whist still showing how the product works.


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