Think big

So I watched a Ted Talks, talking about design concepts and how we can create more innovative ideas. What I learned.

In relation to our projects, we simple try and pluck ideas from thin air and create something even though it might not necessarily need to be created. We first need to understand the problem, that is obvious. Instead of creating something that people might not need, we need to first ask what does the client need. In this project three, the client wants a video, but that isn’t all they want. They don’t have an issue of finding consumers because there are lots in the market and they already have lots of connections. WHat they really want is to build their reputation. That is what is important, they don’t want to advertise their product, they want to advertise themselves through their product. They want to form tight bonds with directors, textiles companies and retailers. They want to create a good reputation that will in turn sell their products effortlessly. So that already tells me, the most important part of the video isn’t particularly the product(it is still important) but their company. They want their family and friendly nature to shine through the video. What is needed is to promote their reputation which will help in the selling of their product. Their reputation is what we will focus on. Instead of thinking about the design, think about the people and whether they will benefit from the design.

think big.jpg

Will our concept for the video promoting their product be desirable? Will it be possible to achieve?

It will be viable, we have all of the resources and equipment needed. We will make it desirable to both the client and their customers.

It will be feasible as we know they definitely want a video. It is easy to put a video up on a website. it works well and gives the viewer something visual making it more effective.



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