Know context

In this section of the design method I used, I wanted to start thinking about my visit to the C-TEX company.

So what do I know so far:

The company C-TEX deals with producing a colour monitor system that allows for consumers to know whether a role has got colour grading deficiencies early on in the production process. This product allows for consumers to save time and money.

The company currently have a major competitor that produces a similar product. They are however outdated and we need to show that C-TEX are not.

Consumers need a reliable company that they can continuously buy from.

From the visit, I saw how the machine works.

We were told before but it was good to actually see it in action. Rob showed us how the software runs. He had a small cut of material which he put under one of the scanners to tell it what the colour gradient should be. He then attached the whole role and it started scanning through while unravelling the role. There are three light scanners that monitor the left and right side of the role as well as the middle. The scanners project LED lights that are shaped in form of a petal. This is done to make sure the light is consistent.


Rob typed in all the details needed on the computer and then the machine worked from that.

The work place was very laid back and they only have a small team. Their building has a common room and an office work space. They want their consumers  to see them as a relaxed team.


So understanding their workplace, I have a better understanding as to what C-TEX are about. My graphics will need to also follow the relaxed atmosphere, so the colours can’t be too harsh, the white or whitish background is needed to show a sense of calmness.



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