Change of plan

So after meeting  today with the team, we have found out that we won’t be doing motion graphics of the machinery or the software, we will be using screen grabs of those. where the graphics team come in, will be with the text(Rob said he now wants text in the video)so we need to figure out how the text will come on and off screen and the style of the text. So instead of drawing sketches of the machinery creating work of the different styles of text.

So I will be looking at different styles of text on After Effects and also sketching up ideas from the combination of other ideas. I will be using


Myself and my team like this style of text, we could use this for the subtitles. It is clean but interesting to watch and it could fit into the C-TEX style. It has a similar font.


This style is particularly easy to do, I would need to find out how to make the lines luminous. This is a possible option.

This is again a nice motion graphic that would suit the style of the C-TEX theme. It is stylish and simple and attracts the viewers.

These are styles that you work. So I need to make some prototypes of a style that will fit the C-TEX company and test it. I will create a survey and ask rob whether he can show it to his connections.


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