Design ideas


I will be working on both the logo ident and the subtitles design.

My ideas are based on some motion graphic videos that I have come across.

My first design idea is fairly playful and friendly looking.

I have created a similar rough prototype that is for C-tex and be put at the end of the video.

I chose this design as the way that the text slides around works so well with the font.

I will be tweaking but the main process of this was using Trim paths on After Effects. I have used this effect before so it was fairly simple applying what I have learned already to this C-TEX version.

From the last time I used this, I learned that I have to first draw the individual letters out in Illustrator and then import them into After Effects. I know that this gives me control over each letter. I can then add a trim path that can control all of the letters I use or I can select an individual letter and add a trim path just for that. Selecting them individually is more effective as it allow you to have more control.



I feel fairly confident with using key frames now and from my time of using after effects, I have learned that moving the small dots on the timeline can change the time in which an action occurs.

I feel that this follows the friendly theme as it is simple text movement, quite playful and inviting. There is a color transition before it returns to the brand colours. I also feel that this fits in as the product is to do with colour monitoring.

The content the whole group are creating is for three videos.

video one: create motion graphics for the statements that will be on the video, animated logo
video two: pre install -create motion graphics for the statements that will be on the video, animated logo.

video three: training – create motion graphics for the statements that will be on the video, animated logo.

The logo that I am creating will be used for all three videos.  This motion graphic logo should stay consistent for all three videos to keep the brand style and when consumers watch them, they gain a sense of trust.

Sources I will be using to help me with creating designs will be






One thought on “Design ideas

  1. yeah good prototype. could potentially be slightly slower and ctex logo come in slightly slower also and finally don’t get much sense of dots forming letters. which again i think would work really well


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