Time management


My checklist that I will be following. As said in previous posts, I like to work from a checklist rather than a Gantt chart as I find that I can’t predict to whether i will complete a task within a certain time frame. What I can predict more is whether I can complete it in a certain day. I will have a paper copy of this and be ticking it off as I go along.



I can complete the prototype task on the 25th and the motion logo design on the 24th.

We have just over a week to complete this project but over about 50% done so we are behind slightly.

Filming hasn’t taken place yet so I can’t comment yet on what the final output is going to be is difficult to say. We seem to be moving and there hasn’t been any serious barriers.

The small barriers for my role have been technical and it just requires me to push forward with After Effects. If I keep at it, I will tackle the issues and create something that the whole group is happy with and hopefully the client. This program and the work I need to do constantly pushes me as it requires me to learn new techniques. It is challenging but I learn more this way.

The barriers for the team have been time. Filming was meant to take place today but now we can only film tomorrow which puts us behind a further day which leaves less time for editing.

In terms of the industry, working under pressure is a transferable skill that I will definitely have in the work place. Team work and communicating with others. I.e concurring with Will who is on my team to what work we share. We don’t want to waste too much time by creating the same work. We do want to create different ideas but we have to be smart and if one piece of work still needs creating and we are short of time, this is where we would need to say, one person needs to work on something else. In the industry, these skills are key and will make me beneficial to the industry as these are fundamental elements needed to make a successful piece of work.




One thought on “Time management

  1. like the checklist but how do you manage the actual time? that surely is more ‘task management’ than ‘time management’?


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