Development work


So I have been experimenting with After effects and the motion logo to see what I could come up with.

I wanted to try the Roughened edges effect on After Effects. I used this video for reference.

I found this easy to follow and chose to split a ball shape into the logo.

Jools said he wanted to see dots added into the video just like the video I took for reference. I didn’t want to copy the video to the exact way. It was more about the movement of the text that I liked however I decided to try it anyway. I tried to have a dot morphing into the logo.

After watching it back I feel like it doesn’t work. I think having the top part of the logo fading in is just enough. Sometimes a simple ident like this looks slightly silly if there is too much going on. I quite like the idea of it being simple.

I also tried a different design of having dots moving around the logo. I feel like this doesn’t really work with the ‘friendly’ theme. These dots don’t really resemble anything and I feel that they are slightly pointless and dont add any value to the ident.



One thought on “Development work

  1. yeah i meant the ctex logo type being made up of dots not dots running around the edges. I like the splitting. it would be better if not a dot but a splash of colour that then resolves to the graphic part of the ctex logo


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