Filming for the Gang Show

So for the last three weeks Emily and I have been filming for the Nottingham Gang Show. It has evolved from starring an all male scout show to involving guides, brownies and leaders from all around.

What the Gang show want this time around is to have a DVD made of the final performance as well as interviews and back stage footage that they can sell to their guests and parents etc.

When Emily and I found out about this project, we jumped to it as it is something that promises fun and energy and as well as the ability to produce something that inspires and excites people.

We are also attending with Nathan who is in second year, we work together to produce footage but are working on different projects.

Our roles in this project are the same as what we have done in previous projects together. Emily is the director and camera operator and I am the Editor and Assistant director.

We find that we like to work with each other because we have similar ideas and visions when it comes to the final piece. We know our roles and what needs to be done to create something of quality.

When filming, it was so fun to watch the rehearsals. It was almost like forgetting that we were there to work. I am not too keen on filming but with this project, it has been really enjoyable.

These are some shots of the day.



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