Advert research

Promotion videos that I can take inspiration for Concept 1.

Smart looking advert. Nice transitions and a modern approach. I don’t think the back and white would work for the type of project I am working on. I would like some colour in my project so that I can relate to my audience.

Innocent smoothie advert uses ‘Queen’ soundtrack to create humor and attract the consumers that way. They represent the product as a hero to promote its healthy side.

Uses text animation and video footage. Explains the story and involves the viewer and lets them know why the product is healthy.

Can I involve the viewer in my video? Yes I can let them know about how their money goes to pump aid.


This coke a cola advert uses info-graphics and invites the viewer to understanding the history behind the product.  The text moves in a quick and interesting way.


2 thoughts on “Advert research

  1. You say that colour will relate to your audience better than black and white can you explain why you think this is the case?


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