Concept 2

Concept 2

Short animated advert(6 -30 seconds long) having animated text that states the nature of the product. Written information that is fast paced, quirky and appealing to the target audience and showing call to action.

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This is the style I would like to use but using the messy and hand written style of the logo to create my animation.


I would like to use this concept but I will need to research and find out which is more effective out of video footage or text animation advertisements.

I want to find out figures on sales of products(bottled water) based on the promotional mediums.

I will use this research to make my decision on which concept that should be used.

I will look at these sources as well as other ones to decide on the most effective concept.

ELLYN COOK, 2016. Animation vs Live Action: Which Makes the Best Corporate Video?(online). Available at: [Accessed 12/02/2017].

Insivia, 2016.50 Must-Know Stats About Video Marketing 2016(online) Available at: [Accessed 12/02/2017].


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