design methods

Thirsty Planet

Water, What does this mean? Words from the top of my head


On the go



coming together


  • Main key words






These words can help shape my project

Vijay Kumar’s structured approach to innovation

  • Sense indent-I am currently researching the trend of campaigns and what they do to reach out.
  • Know content- Know the company. Research what they do. Get an understanding so that you can represent them in a good way. Look at the competition.
  • Know people- How do people react to campaigns, how do they react to video adverts.
  • Frame insights-put together my information
  • Explore concepts, which ones work the best. Compare
  • Frame solutions-concept chosen or from elements of other concepts all put into one final one.
  • Realise offerings- prototypes tested


I think this is a suitable design method as it explores the project and gets into detail. This will allow for a create product from good background knowledge.



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