Thirsty Planet have partnered with Pump Aid  and created a brand whose sole purpose was to raise money towards water projects in the most disadvantaged parts of Africa. These are the parts of Africa where people die drinking from contaminated water sources, the parts where children can’t attend school because they have to walk miles to collect water, the parts where communities are malnourished because they haven’t water to grow crops.

‘Our ‘Donation Guarantee’ provides full transparency. The amount donated is not dependent on profitability or how much a retailer chooses to sell at. It means whatever promotional activity you see in store, the donation remains unchanged and the charity is protected.’

This means that anyone can make a difference. If someone buys a bottle, they know for certain that the money that they have spent is going towards a good cause. The money goes towards pump aid regardless on how many bottles the company sell.

There are campaigns around the waste of plastic bottles. In the campaign I am working on, I will need to steer away from that and keep my focus on promoting healthy drinking.



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