Project 4

So for this project we have to choose our own competition brief. On the YCN website I found the Thirsty Planet Spring Water Campaign.

I was attracted to this as it has a good cause and offers a refreshing chance to produce something fun. I thought I could have fun with this project and my target audience means I can produce something edgy and urban possibly.

Information about Thirsty Planet.

They are partnered with Pump Aid a charity that has already raised over 1.9 Million for the building and maintenance of over 9,000 elephant pumps.

For every litre that Thirsty Planet sell, 4 pence goes to pump aid to help people in the most rural parts of Africa.

Important aspects of the brief.

Target audience is 18-24 year old which is student age.

Create a medium that promotes healthy drinking and to encourage people to take part and do their part.

Help the image of drinking water to be seen as ‘cool.’ which is what the brief wants. try to create a sense of community.main.jpg

The brief has also given a project pack which has the brand guidelines. The look of the logo has changed from its previous one below. Now it seems more friendly. This is great because I feel that it fits in more with the target audience. It has a hand written feel which could resemble a students hand writing on a notepad.


‘Your brief is to create a campaign to raise awareness of the newly branded Thirsty Planet range within 18-24 year olds. The campaign must capture the attention and imagination of the target audience. We want interaction and the opportunity to develop loyalty. We want to stand out from other charitable water brands on the market. 

We’d like you to create a campaign that is loved by students for all the right reasons and encourages consumers to become involved, utilising the website as a social hub.

The creative can take any form, for example print, infographics or even video, but it must appeal to the target audience and should be memorable and encourage engagement.

Our challenge is to make healthy hydration, whilst doing good, ‘cool’. To come up with creative that is fun, engaging, allows consumer interaction and promotes loyalty. Research showed that ‘cool’ is important too… Ethical messages aside, we simply had to look cool.’

I want to develop loyalty by keeping however many designs I do consistent so the consumer develops that trust. It would also be nice to reward students for doing their part. One way to get through to people is giving them something extra. Maybe for every bottle of Thirsty Planet Water bought, there is a code on the inside of the label what gives some printing credit.

I will need to think further about interaction.


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