University Brief

Although I am creating a competition brief, I still have to remember that I have to follow the university brief.

This includes

  • A presentation stating my brief and how I will approach it.

So for my testing I will be exploring different effect techniques on After Effects. I feel I always learning more and more about this program.

It will be whether I use live footage or animated footage that will depend on whether I test out Da Vinci and compare it with Premiere. If I do a text animation that I can explore effects and different techniques on the movement of the text.

  • My actual product
  • The idea I am veering towards is the text animation concept as I think that it is fun and modern and it caters towards the target audience.
  • My evaluation.

This will be my reflection on the project.

The overview of aims and what I want to achieve and whether I have achieved that.

What am I hoping to achieve: professionally and personally? How did I measure success, how did I test and what did I do after the feedback.  What are I aiming to achieve in the next project.


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