Video Campaigns

I thought it would be a good idea to gain some knowledge about what makes a good campaign.

I know that my target audience is 18-24 so my campaign needs to attract their attention.

  1. Centre it around the story, not the sale.

I believe this to be a good idea. Creating a story gives something to cling onto and a reason to believe and trust.

My video will need to apply to the needs and desires of the target audience.


2. make it the best 10 seconds

So in my video, however long it is needs to shout the message in within 10 seconds. I want to keep the viewer entertain so that the message is conveyed clearly.

3.Lighten up and stop being so boring.

Do I want to inject some life into my video, can I add some humor or shock to the viewer. Something that sets it apart and makes it interesting.

4.Tag it up

I can think about what goes into my campaign or video but what about after. What will my call to action be, how will be video or campaign be viewed? How can I spread the word, how can I attract more people from the campaign.

5. Educate and prove yourself.

Show that you know your stuff and give the viewer some interesting information. It gives them something to think about and again that gives trust as you are telling them something they might not have known.






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