Video Concept 1

Concept 1

Video footage: creating a video advert advertising the product. Showing 18-24 year olds going about their lives drinking the water.


one bottle of water is shared and passed from  one person to the next. By the end of the video, the water bottle becomes empty.

Tagline: share the world.

The idea of this tagline was for every litre sold by Thirsty Planet, 4 pence is donated to Pump aid. So the consumers money goes toward helping people in Africa. Sharing the resources therefore haring the world. This tagline would have worked really well but Thirsty Water already have their own tagline.

The power of positive drinking

I would have to gather around 6 or 7 18-24 year olds and film them either going shopping or coming from the library. I would make the edit quick and snappy, with fast paced music.


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