Chosing my concept

From reading ‘Animation vs Live Action: Which Makes the Best Corporate Video?’ by  ELLYN COOK I hope to understand which concept is the best to use.

Live footage

  • Advantages

Head start and it is quicker than animation. You don’t have to start from scratch. This would be good for promoting a hotel. Having live footage of staff and customers shows the service to be personal.

  • Disadvantages

It limits what you can do. As live footage is on the basis of reality, you will have to either have many skills or a big budget.


  • Advantages

The potential creation is only limited by the imagination which means you can achieve something outrageous if you wish to. Motion text is good for explaining a service. I want to explain what Thirsty Planet does and encourage the target audience to take part and be part of a community that helps people who live in disadvantaged parts of Africa. I also want to encourage the target audience to drink healthy.

  • Disadvantages

It takes longer to create as you have to start from scratch.


‘Cool’ infographics effectively builds links, drives social shares and create buzz in a real way.’

(Matt Siltala, 2014)

Animated video engages audiences at a much faster rate than the ordinary talking head. The statistics show that animated explainer videos increase conversion rates by 20%. (Insivia, 2013) That’s significant. So you know animated video works and increases sales and conversions.


I feel that from the information I have found, text animation is the best route to take as it will get the message across clearly and explain to the viewer why they should buy Thirsty Planet water. I also feel I can create a fun and quirky animation from going down the info- graphic route. This will relate to 18-24 year olds.

I had hoped to get some more figures but, my task is to reach out to 18-24 year olds and I feel the information I have found is sufficient enough for me to choose concept 2.


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