Presentation feedback

Today was the presentation. I explained what my brief was, the concepts I might use and research I will use to shape my project.

Out of the three concepts Danny like Concept 4 which was the reversal idea. Jools liked Concept 2 which was the info-graphics. I prefer this concept as well but I will do some more research as to what makes the most effective concept might be. I will research into whether live footage or text animation works best.


As for my keys words, they were good apart from one which was ‘Progress.’ Jools felt that I already had ‘community’ and ‘progress’ wasn’t needed.

Jools also said that I shouldn’t centre the campaign too much on the charity Pump aid and how much money goes into it. I should focus on making healthy hydration cool and appealing to the target audience.

I also kept mentioning ‘students’ when referring to the target audience but I shouldn’t restrict it to that, not all 18-24 year olds are students. Any ideas referring to merchandise having the thirsty Planet logo on to spread the word, I shouldn’t restrict it to student merchandise.

Overall I think I explained clearly what I want to achieve. I explained that I wanted to create a campaign that allows the viewer to really feel like they want to  be part of Thirsty Planet.



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