Vijay Kumar’s structured approach to innovation.

Sense intent- Trend within text motion graphics. The videos seem to be fast paced and have interesting movements. There can be a voice over sometimes and the colours are usually quite bold with silhouette shapes and objects.

They usually have quite bouncy text to capture your attention. They are great mediums for giving information in a fun way.

As for campaigns.

People were asked to press a button a number of times to get free Delities. This is one way to get your consumers to interact. This is something Thirsty Planet want to do, create interaction.

Instagram users

53% of 18-24 year olds use Instagram. (Michael Patterson, 2015). Surely this is another way I can reach the target audience.

Om Nom Nom Cookies

Thy encourage viewers to post a selfie on Instagram with them eating or holding the companie’s cookie. A winner is announced and they receive a free ‘Om Nom Nom Cookies’ t-shirt.

So I need to think about my target audience and how I can involve interaction.


Patterson.M, 2015.  Social Media Demographics to Inform a Better Segmentation Strategy(online) Available at: [Accessed 15/02/2017].

QUENTIN A., 2017. 10 Amazing Small Business Instagram Contest Examples [Critiqued](online) AVailable at: [Accessed 15/02/2017].


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