Frame Insights

So I need to gather up my information that I have found and make sure that I know all the work that I need to do.

I have been thinking for this campaign to reach out to the target audience. I want to make the information about Pump aid and what the Thirsty water do to support Pump Aid accessible. I don’t want to push it in their faces but I want them t be interested. I was thinking about using Instagram as a platform as I have researched and seen how effective and popular amongst the 18-24 year olds.

Viewers can post a picture of the Thirsty Planet water bottle in any form. So it would be the water bottle in a random place. It could be a decorated bottle or even a selfie with the water bottle in the picture. This can encourage users to buy a bottle of Thirsty Planet and hashtag and spread the word. A winner could be announced every week. This is an idea so that the target audience can interact and there for make a difference. It is also reaching them at a platform that they used frequently. It also encourages everyone to take part.

For one of my key words ‘Community’ it could work nicely for every 100 photos posted and hashtagged, £100 is given to Pump Aid. This would hopefully get everyone to work together.

It also works with the ‘Cool’ Aspect that Thirsty Planet want to give. Instagram is used alot amongst the target audience.

I will do a rough design of how this would look and test it on 18-24 year olds to see if it would work. I will give out a survey.

I also need to start working on design ideas for my info-graphic.



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