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Thirsty Planet was launched in 2007 because as bottled water producers (and good ones too!) they wanted to ‘give something back’. They knew they couldn’t solve a global problem single-handedly but they wanted to try and make a real difference.

Thirsty Planet have partnered with Pump Aid and created a brand whose sole purpose was to raise money towards water projects in the most disadvantaged parts of Africa. These are the parts of Africa where people die drinking from contaminated water sources, the parts where children can’t attend school because they have to walk miles to collect water, the parts where communities are malnourished because they haven’t water to grow crops.

They have now raised over £1.9 million which has helped fund the build and maintenance of over 9,000 elephant pumps, giving over a million people access to a lifetime’s supply of clean, safe water. Incredible but true.

Thirsty Planet spring water is as pure as you can get, with a perfect mineral balance. If consumers can enjoy our water and contribute to Pump Aid what could be simpler?

With every litre Thirsty Planet sell, they donate 4 pence to pump aid. The abide by the Donation Guaranteed which means it doesn’t depend on profitability.


Case study for impact after installation of the pump.

Ruth James Kamanga

Ruth holds the primary responsibility for drawing water for her family.

“Before the installation of the pump we were using rope and a bucket to draw water. The well wasn’t protected and it proved dangerous during the rainy season becoming the source of waterborne diseases.

The Elephant pump has made a huge difference; we are now drinking potable water, the pump is easy to use for children and grandparents alike. My daughter loves the pump very much because she can now get water! In the past my daughter would only draw water under my supervision for fear of falling into the well. These days I know my daughter will be safe. Before the installation of the pump we used to spend a lot of money buying rope and buckets for drawing water. I can now use this money to buy salt for the house.

Pump Aid were very friendly and socialised well with community members.”

It is clear that the money donated has a big impact to communities in Africa.


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