Know people

So I need to understand consumers and how they react to certain media. This is important to know as I can find out to what gets them engaged and shape my project to suit their needs.


This graph shows that there is an increase to mobile phone video plays. This means I will need to make sure that my video can play on mobile phones and can actually play.


This graph tells me that 90% 16-24 year olds own a smart phone.  How will my video be accessible? It will be on the Thirsty Planet Facebook page and on Youtube. Now I need to work out how I will steer my target audience to the video.

As for the content:

‘people are searching for info-graphics like crazy! An 800% increase in searches on Google in just the last two years.'( , 2017).


41.5% of marketers said that info-graphics were the most engaging. (Rinaldi.J, 2017).

As for myself, I am engaged when it comes to info-graphics so knowing that so many other people are too, helps to know that I am creating something that will be useful.



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