Vijay Kumar’s structured approach to innovation continued

Explore concepts.

This was completed early on in the design method. I feel that I needed to do this at the beginning. This is because then afterwards I can research into peoples behaviour of them. For example one of my concepts was live footage and one of them was info-graphics. Once I have come up with those, I then researched into how my audience might react towards them. Only when I know my concepts, could I understand what other people would think of them.

Frame solution. I have chosen to do concept 2 (previous posts explain why).


This is a prototype that I have created. This is just an idea of the sort of thing that i will be creating. The colours will be different and the movement of the text will be more imaginative. There will also be silhouetted shapes and objects.

I will do a rough text animation more to what I want the finish product to look like and then test it out.



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