Change of concept

So after talking with Deborah and really thinking about this project, I have decided that the research that I found favouring the use of info graphics for the chosen concept, wasn’t sufficient enough. In my head I knew that live footage can be just as good, if not better at getting a message across. I really wanted to practice my skills in motion graphics and almost veered away from what the brief was asking. So I went back to research what concept is the best to use.

‘Do you want to make a personal video, one that shows a more human and friendly side? If so you really can’t beat live action video.’ (liam.colclough, 2016).

‘Sometimes a friendly face and the personable characteristics of a person allow an audience to better relate to a topic.'(Reel Marketer, 2014)

The idea of my brief really is to make it personal as it is a persuasive video and we do want our viewers to be empathetic.

‘The power of positive drinking’ is the strap line that Thirsty Planet want to use. So a mind map was drawn up to help pick through the brief.  So what does this strap line tell me in terms of what the brief asks?

They want to give the message of buying a bottle is positive as the proceeds will go to Pump aid and help disadvantaged people.

Key points to remember.

  • Create a positive image from buying the product.
  • Keep it ‘cool’ to attract the 18-24 year olds.
  • From the brief ‘Our most important message is ‘Every bottle means a guaranteed donation to charity’ (this is not always a given!)’ This needs to be clearly put across.

What I could do is integrate both video and info graphics. This is allowing for a personal feel to the video that allows the viewer to feel engaged and also make it easier to feel empathy. Including info graphics along with it allows for it to be cool and inject some fun.

From research above that I have found and speaking to Deborah and listening to the feedback from Jools and Danny, I have decided that Concept 4 will be a good idea. Having someone drinking dirty water in this country could be really effective in getting the message across. It allows for the target audience to feel empathy.

Different ideas originated from the mind map.

  • A group of young people walk to a muddy lake and start drinking from it as if it is normal. There is a close up shot of them drinking the water and it is filled with dirt and parasites. Someone comes along with the thirsty planet water and says ‘here drink this, lets make a difference.’ The message would be, you wouldn’t drink dirty water so lets try and work together to stop others for doing that., the power of positive drinking. In other words buy this bottle and you can stop others drinking dirty water.
  • People in England eating a soil sandwich. Again this is the same concept with the idea to create empathy. People wouldn’t eat a soil sandwich so don’t expect people in Africa to drink dirty water. It would not come across as blaming but more trying to get other people to think.
  • Two people at work with packed lunches. One representing someone from England and the other from Africa. They both open their packed lunches and the person who is a representation of England has a normal packed lunch and the other person only has a bottle of dirty water and starts drinking it. The other person then stops him/her drinking the dirty water and hands them the Thirsty Planet water. Again the same message would apply but they are slightly different scenarios.

I will need to think and decide what to use. I still think I could create the fun from the info graphics but I am still thinking about the ‘cool’ aspect.




colclough.l, 2016. Animated video vs Live action video: Which one should you choose?(online). Available at:[Accessed 16/02/2017].

Reel Marketer, 2014. The Pros and Cons of Animated Video Versus Live Action Video(online). Available at:[ Accessed 16/02/2017].


One thought on “Change of concept

  1. i not so fond of any of them but i don’t hate the last one the most. the idea of directly giving water is the thing that i like. one of my issues is africa being represented as one thing. do they ‘thirsty planet’ just say ‘Africa’ or do they even bother to actually recognise the different, disparate, distinct, diversity of the continent? do more research into the company- not just looking on their website but looking to see what people say negatively about them and then use the giving idea in such a direct way perhaps. all idea are a bit ‘worthy’ at the moment. humour is cool you know!


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