The three why’s

The three why’s.

Thirsty Water: How much bottled water is consumed worldwide.

Well straight away from looking at The Statistical Portal(2017), I can see that there has been an increase as years have gone by. So far 391 Billion Litres of bottled water has been consumed this year.

How can I encourage people to drink 2 litres a day?

Suggest creative ways of drinking water. show that in my video. water with fruit, hot water with herbs, spices etc.

Why will my video or infographic be beneficial.

Still need to think about this.

why do viewers get drawn into video advertisements.

There is either humor, shock, indeering story, lively, thought provoking elements of the video. Which direction will my video go ?

Why do people get bored of video advertisements?

Too Long where the message hasn’t had a chance to reach the audience.

‘some items “talking heads” produced slightly more negative scores than not watching any video at all.’ Bryan T. Ogden(2015).

So a video shouldn’t be made for the sake of it, the content is important and having talking heads is very boring and can quite easily bore the viewer.

Misrepresented Culture: Why do people have mis-concepted information on different cultures

why do people need to be corrected of their conceptions?

Why are they asking you to do this?

Employ Autistic people: Why do autistic people have trouble amongst our culture today

Why will your video change the way people think.

Why don’t people have correct information about autistic people

First Craft Cider: Why do they need help with advertising.

Why do people like cider

Why has ‘crisp and refreshing’ become an important aspect of cider.

Nottingham future city: Why are they asking for this particular theme?

Why will a video in this help the city?

Why don’t people like Nottingham

Gin: Why do people drink gin

Why isn’t gin the most popular spirt?

Why do people need to know its from London?

Roald dahl: Why have you been given the option to create any style of illustration.

Why do people like roald dahl

why don’t the target audience read roald dahl?

STATISTA Inc.2017,.Bottled water consumption worldwide from 2007 to 2017 (in billion liters).(Online). Hamburg:Statista. Available at:[Accessed 21/02/2017].

OGDEN.B.2015. Efficacy according to viewing length and video content of promotional videos for sustainability graduate education. Malta: James Madison University.PG.36


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  1. really like your questions for the other projects? what are your thoughts about the questions from others about your project?


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